Building statues of living people sucks

It’s creepy and I don’t like it. And it’s probably bad luck. NBC Sports agrees with me, so I am not alone on this. I’m fine with busts. Portraits are great, less so if you commission one of yourself, but still OK. Wax figures are a bizarre edge case that I’m inclined to let slide, owing to their inherent impermanence. But traditional statues go too far. Just look at these monstrosities.

Gyah! It looks like they encased real people in metal. And cloned them beforehand to keep up the ruse. It’s disgusting, perverse and I won’t have it. U.S. law prohibits presidents from appearing on currency until two years after death. A similar law, executive order or constitutional amendment should be enacted for statues. THUS SPAKE I.

Joe Paterno Statue
Though maybe they SHOULD have encased Joe Paterno in metal.