Days 112, 113 and 114 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • “Lawyers for President Donald Trump’s said Friday that a review of his last 10 years of tax returns do not reflect ‘any income of any type from Russian sources,’ with some exceptions.” Those poor last three words have to carry the entire sentence.
  • Jeff Sessions will probably end up a worse Attorney General than the guy who went to jail. Perhaps he’s already there.
  • Charlie Pierce:

These people have bargained themselves for cheap. There are rats in all their words. They are the mere husks of public servants, and they’re complicit in the act of hollowing out the republic. If they remain willing to do it, I honestly don’t know where we’re all going. But there is, at the moment, a sense of a great turning in events. Nobody is in control of the story right now, and ordinarily, that would be a cause for concern. But chaos turns upon itself eventually, and that may be the best shot we have.

The record is clear: New Orleans’s Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard statues were erected with the goal of rewriting history to glorify the Confederacy and perpetuate the idea of white supremacy. These monuments stand not as mournful markers of our legacy of slavery and segregation, but in reverence of it. They are an inaccurate recitation of our past, an affront to our present and a poor prescription for our future.

Day 111 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • If there was anything to the Russia story, then why did Trump feel comfortable firing the guy investigating the Russia story? Checkmate, libtards.
  • Comey was going to waste money on Russia. But why investigate Russia when we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of BENGHAZI?
  • A reporter got arrested for asking Tom Price a question. I don’t think he’ll be the last one.

Days 109 and 110 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

So… James Comey… For all of his misconduct, this is very bad.

But Her Emails 3

  • Sally Yates did an exemplary job at her testimony yesterday. I feel like that matters more to Comey’s firing than the nonsense about emails.
  • Add witness intimidation to the impeachment proceedings.
  • Swamped by all the Comey stuff is the news that White House staff had to beg Canada to get Trump to not destroy NAFTA. This is humiliating.
  • You put a picture of Trump in your PowerPoint, Kushners. We saw the photos.
  • I spend too much time thinking and posting about the Bernie Bros and purity leftism. Scott Lemieux has produced what should be the final word on that matter. Smack me if I keep beating this horse.

Responding to local interests is what all politicians — including Bernie — do. You can’t build an anti-Trump resistance solely out of people who have always agreed with you about everything.


A politics founded on refusing to take yes for an answer isn’t a politics at all. It’s a pose from people more interested in congratulating themselves for being too good for politics than accomplishing anything.

  • Whiteness is never identity politics, because white is the default and everything else is the aberration. Everything else is the aberration.
  • People were dogging this article for the delightful euphemism of “cultural anxiety,” but its conclusions are devastating. “Economic anxiety” must die a painful death.
  • Hillary Clinton does not take responsibility for her defeat, and that’s disgusting. Every day I’m also disgusted that Abraham Lincoln never took responsibility for his assassination, and that the Oakland Raiders never took responsibility for the Tuck Rule Game.
  • Democrats hosting town halls where Republicans are too cowardly to face their constituents is a great idea.
  • The Affordable Care Act could use some improvement! Social Security was improved after three years. Medicare was improved after three years. If we had a functional legislative branch and not a treasonous death cult, perhaps we could have gotten improvement to the ACA as well.
  • Pepe the Frog was killed off because he’d become a symbol of hate. Future historians will have fun parsing that one.
  • Bluetooth salt shakers exist. Life is a cruel joke.

Days 106, 107 and 108 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

America, the world’s Do Not Enter sign.

  • France got hacked. Did they make the same mistake that we did? They did not.
  • The Kushners are brazenly attempting to profit off the presidency. I’m insulted that they’re not even bothering to hide it.
  • Trump’s transition team did with classified documents what Hillary was accused of doing in her EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS. All projection, all the time.
  • Trumpcare is a stunning betrayal of the public trust, a sign that the Republican Party is willing to murder thousands of Americans to help the very, very rich. We’ll be lucky to survive to 2018.
  • Kellyanne is a turd.
  • Historically black colleges face defunding under Trump. Don’t give him his photo-ops!
  • Slate is pretty great these days, but they have a pointless contrarianism gene that’s hard to exorcise.
  • Have you ever hosted an event on Eventbrite? It works pretty well! But white supremacists use it too, which doesn’t make me feel so good. Tell Eventbrite to stop doing that.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act turned 135 years old over the weekend.
  • If you read about astronomy when you were a kid, you might know that white dwarfs eventually turn into black dwarfs. How long is eventually? Well, it turns out that there are no black dwarfs right now, and there won’t be any for billions and billions of years. I feel robbed.
  • The diplomatic pouch is real and it is pretty awesome.
  • In the annals of impressive acts of thievery, an entire shipwreck is pretty high up there.
  • Did you know the difference between curacao and triple sec? Now you will.

The Oculus sucks


SANTIAGO CALATRAVA, a hacktacular HACK, dines on oysters at a table with PAT H., a composite character based on various MAKERS OF BAD DECISIONS, and CASSANDRA, the Trojan princess and SEER.


Tell me, my good friend Santiago! What are your plans to rebuild the station at the World Trade Center?


A glimmering harmony of steel and glass! A soaring bird released from the hands of a child!





Nay, it will need extensive redesign for safety purposes. The final product will more closely resemble a trilobite, or a ribcage, or a Venus flytrap. And furthermore–


Santiago, what do you envision for the interior of your masterpiece?

Cassandra begins a silent conversation with her MUG OF JOHNNIE WALKER RED.


A grand unification of the New York City Subway with the Port Authority Trans-Hudson rail system, a new dawn for commuters.

Cassandra lowers her mug.




That will not come to pass. Functionally it will be equivalent to a long corridor.


A destination for the most sophisticated shoppers in the world’s most sophisticated city!


I can see it now!


Its centerpiece will be an Apple store, which will be successful in the future.


A transportation hub to rival Grand Central Station!




It will serve 40 thousand commuters per day. Grand Central will serve 750 thousand.


White wings! White concourses! White marble!

He gesticulates wildly, knocking over Pat H.’s martini in excitement.

PAT H. (ignoring spill)

Like the driven snow!


Or like an ossuary. The marble will be hideously expensive and require frequent cleaning and replacement, what with the thousands of commuters traipsing over it every day. It will also become incredibly slippery when it rains.

She drains her mug.




That’s nice, Cassandra. Santiago, when can your heartbreaking work of staggering genius be completed?


In five years!


It will take 12.

A handsome WAITER comes to the table with a BOTTLE OF JOHNNIE WALKER RED. Cassandra gives him her EMPTY MUG and takes the bottle.


Much obliged.

She resumes conversation with her whisky.


I can spare 2.2 billion dollars for your project. Will that be enough?


That should just about cover it.


It will cost four billion dollars. It will cost more than the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. And may I add that two billion dollars is already an obnoxious–


Oh Cassandra, you’re too pretty to worry so much. Have some wine.

Cassandra smashes the BOTTLE OF JOHNNIE WALKER RED on the ground. Other patrons of the swanky restaurant start to STARE.

CASSANDRA (screaming)

Don’t you get it, you idiots? This project will be a massive failure! It will be an embarrassing eyesore! Everything will go wrong!

She stomps off to PLACES UNKNOWN.


Nothing will go wrong, I promise you, Pat.


I am glad to hear it, Santiago. One last question. What will you name your creation?


I will call it… the Oculus!


If you have not been in lower Manhattan lately, you have successfully avoided seeing the utter monstrosity of an edifice that is the World Trade Center PATH station. The bleached bones. The pallid pill-bug. The “steroidal stegosaurus.” The Oculus.

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Day 105 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

I feel sick.

  • The House GOP has voted on a bill they didn’t even read or let the CBO score.
  • The House GOP has voted to make sexual assault a preexisting condition.
  • The House GOP has voted to treat preexisting conditions like a luxury.
  • The House GOP has voted to blow up employer-provided insurance as well.
  • An accused sexual assaulter was hired by Trump. Birds of a feather, I guess.
  • I hadn’t thought about them like this before, but Facebook and Google are basically the biggest advertising agencies in history. Something to keep in mind if we’re hoping for self-correction.
  • Our calls were not enough to stop them this time. Perhaps our money can succeed where our voices failed. Donate to ActBlue.

Day 104 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

The Jimmy Kimmel monologue is as good as they’re saying it is. Save the ACA. Call your members of Congress!

  • It’s ACA and ACA and ACA today. Medical bankruptcy is another horrible thing that the ACA did a lot to curb. It’s a good law. (h/t DougJ)
  • In of itself, there’s nothing wrong with winning back Trump voters, but the costs both moral and logistical would be huge. What makes more sense is turning Trump voters into non-voters and non-voters into Democratic voters. Here’s how it could be done.
  • The media’s obsession with pinning all the blame on Hillary and its obsession with Trump voters can both be traced back, I think, to a guilty conscience. If Hillary screwed up so catastrophically that she was doomed to lose, and if Trump voters were compelled to vote for him for reasons other than obvious lies and false equivalencies that the media propagated, then maybe the media isn’t culpable for this calamity.
  • Of course, “The Comey Letter Probably Cost Clinton the Election.” The media is culpable.
  • Obvious spy house is obvious. Is it the CID men from Catch-22? No, it’s the FBI!

According to most accounts, the house’s cover was negligible. The curtains were always drawn and no mail was ever delivered to the house, yet people were frequently seen coming and going. Cameras could be clearly spotted in the windows, filming all those who entered the Russian Embassy across the street. One local even reported seeing a long telescopic lens sticking out from a window late at night. In an attempt to up its anonymity, two FBI agents eventually moved into the house, though no one who knew of the house was fooled. The house’s owner was listed as “FBI” in public records, and its inhabitant’s occupation as “Clerk – really a spy.”