Days 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158 and 159 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Holy moly, I let things pile up. My comments may not meet the usual standard.


Day 151 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • And now the Senate Democrats begin the fight. They shall not pass. Er, “they” being the Republicans. Passing their bad law. On healthcare.
  • The RNC, through a contractor, accidentally exposed information on 198 million voters, including, probably, your faithful blogger. Lock ’em up?
  • Another unanimous Supreme Court decision about the First Amendment and trademarks. I think I agree with it.
  • The State of Michigan has denied vanity plates like “PSYDUCK,” “FTHEDNC,” “BYOTCH,” “BYTCH,” “BYTCHEZ” and “BYTCHIN.” Human creativity is a marvel.
  • The way you draw a circle may be related to the culture (and language) you grew up with. Maybe.
  • “How many turtles have to die before we stand up to the balloon lobby?” is a fairly cavalier headline, but the editorial is pretty sobering. Do not release helium balloons.
  • The Ringer has done some good stuff, but this list of “The 50 Best Good Bad Movies” frequently left me perplexed. Do people actually like the 1998 Godzilla?
  • Do you like lightning? Do you like maps? Then you’ll love

Days 148, 149 and 150 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

I suppose we’ve crossed the 10% mark of Trump’s only (please) term, assuming he isn’t removed from office. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!

  • Philando Castile was murdered for nothing, and his murder is nothing, according to the justice system. I don’t ever want to be desensitized to this.
  • Nabra, a Muslim girl only 17 years old, was murdered after leaving a mosque near D.C. This is just horrible.
  • The whole “Trump is NOT under investigation” line has already been invalidated, by the man himself. This is a bad time to be a Republican talking point.
  • The Grenfell Tower tragedy was utterly preventable, but we must have profits over people.
  • How is the amount of people willing to work for Donald Trump greater than zero? The good people of New Jersey and New York deserve better than Eric Trump’s wedding planner.
  • The military has a great socialized childcare system that works for everyone (and we could have had it nationwide if not for Nixon). My “expand the welfare state by drafting everyone” plan remains viable.
  • Speaking of Nixon, the Mafia operation he ran from the Oval Office planned to use CIA operatives to beat up protesters, including Daniel Ellsberg. If I could kill off a bunch of myths, one of them would be the lie that the Watergate break-in was the first illegal thing that Nixon did.
  • Amazon bought Whole Foods. Jeff Bezos plays the game better than anybody, but I don’t find this game particularly fun.
  • Speaking of Now that we’re talking about Amazon, turns out the whole Amazons-cut-off-a-breast thing may just have been bad reverse etymology. Now you know!
  • Sgt. Pepper’s just turned 50 years old, and the snazzy new remix sounds amazing. But is it better than Pet Sounds?
  • The U.S. once tried to ban private restaurant rooms because it was waging a war on Chinese restaurants. The restaurants won, thank God.
  • The New Jersey Giants. The New Jersey Jets. The New Jersey Daily News.
  • Detroit gave one of these to Saddam Hussein. One of what? “List of Keys to the City in the United States.”
  • It’s a Wikipedia double feature: “Eating live seafood.” Do we not have a noun for that yet?

Days 146 and 147 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Been an eventful couple of days. Let us think back on better times with an all-time classic GIF (pronounced “jiff”).

Obama Zoolander

  • Trumpcare is antithetical to our values as a democracy. It’s antithetical to our values as human beings. And it’s close to becoming law. All hands!
  • “Obstruction of Justice” is going to be a popular fantasy football team name someday.
  • Even Pence is lawyering up. Both of our highest government officials are lawyering up. This must never become normal.
  • Some justice for the Flint water catastrophe continues to be meted out. But Rick Snyder will go free.
  • I commend the Capitol Police for saving many lives at the Congressional Baseball Game shooting. If fewer guns are out on the streets, our cops won’t have to be in such danger.
  • Why are the Democrats filing emoluments lawsuits and not talking about Russia? This is why Trump won.
  • But seriously, Trump won in large part because of voter suppression. This is one area where we Democrats must go on the offensive, for both our sake and the country’s.
  • Jared Kushner’s business interests in Jersey City are in trouble. Elections have consequences.
  • Chris Christie has sunk far below the 27% mark to a subterranean 15% approval rating, the lowest in the history of New Jersey. He has completely earned it.
  • It’s hard to find good people willing to work for Donald Trump. Hence the clown he put forth for the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Whoever is left at Foggy Bottom released our documents about the 1953 Iran coup, one of our worst sins in the foreign policy realm. The effects resonate to this day.
  • If you have driven our nation’s highways, you’ve seen those signs near each exit that show you where you can eat, sleep, fill up, frolic, etc. Now learn about how they get put up, how much they cost, etc. Long story short, government is good.
  • So, a Buffalo Bill named Shareece Wright took an Uber all the way from Chicago to Buffalo after missing his flight. But the driver turned out to be the star of the show. Read this rare story about Uber that doesn’t leave me angry.
  • The Onion nails another sports story. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.
  • Finally, to come full circle, it’s the 30th anniversary of the GIF, and Vox is celebrating in style. Though they don’t know how to pronounce it.

Day 145 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • The Senate Democrats are not withholding unanimous consent to stop the AHCA, but it seems like they have a plan. I hope it works. Call your Senators.
  • Republican secrecy on Trumpcare is yet another backbreaking hit to our political norms. The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
  • Russia probably hacked much, much more than EMAILS. This problem won’t go away on its own.
  • Have you ever noticed that people investigating Donald Trump tend to end up fired? In this case, Trump’s personal lawyer got Preet Bharara fired.
  • Tom Perriello in fact did not succeed in winning the Virginia gubernatorial primary, but he did right in immediately endorsing his opponent.
  • “You might be a disappointment, but the stuff you give your dad doesn’t have to be.”
  • Apple’s new hula hoop and the modern city just don’t jibe. Did Steve Jobs really consider this to be a cornerstone of his legacy?
  • The story about the girl who repeatedly encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide, until he did, is sickening. I don’t want her in society.

Day 144 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • Once again, the top priority is stopping Trumpcare. Check out the toolkit. Note that the recommendation is for you NOT to call Senators in other states. It erodes social trust, you see.
  • What will Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III say before Congress tomorrow? Probably a bunch of lies.
  • More Americans watched James Comey’s testimony than the NBA Finals. Russia is not a distraction; it’s the biggest crisis in American democracy since the Civil War.
  • Macron’s landslide proves that the future of the Democratic Party lies in centrist investment bankers. There, I can do bad analysis too.
  • “Neoliberal” doesn’t mean much these days, but if someone specifically calls Obama’s education policy “neoliberal,” you can listen to them. I’m glad that charter school teachers are unionizing.
  • The Boy Scouts have made some rapid progress in the last few years. They should go further; the Boy Scouts should allow girls to join.
  • “Equipment manager”:

In sports, an equipment manager is a person who is in charge of a sports team’s equipment.

Days 141, 142 and 143 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

New Kingdom Hearts III trailer. 2017 is good again.

  • The top priority now is stopping Trumpcare. Is it still dead? No.
  • Jared Kushner getting owned will never get stale.
  • Jill Stein is the 2016 candidate that should actually go away forever. Again, why was Russia Today so interested in a failed physician from a political party whose highest elected official is mayor of Marina, California?
  • The numbers for Jon Ossoff are promising, but the amount of cash flowing into that contest is insane. Citizens United had a greater effect on Congressional than national races.
  • The campaign to destroy Breitbart’s relationship with advertisers was both smart and effective. I don’t think it’ll take them down, but it has isolated them some.
  • Congratulations to Labour and Jeremy Corbyn for denying the Tories a majority. The schadenfreude was strong on Friday.
  • Who the hell is Lord Buckethead anyway? Learn!
  • Trump is a filthy coward, at any and all times. But he’s doing the good people of Britain a service.
  • The police should not be kicking anyone that’s on fire, let alone innocent bystanders.
  • There’s a twin convention every year. It seems like a trip.
  • If only, The Onion, if only.
  • Sometimes Reddit is worth the trouble. Truly, the world needed a better volume slider.