Days 16, 17, 18 and 19 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

I’m still alive! For now.

  • No puppet! No puppet!
  • Atlas Obscura is awesome. They did a great article about a birth control handbook that college students read back when that was illegal.
  • Teaching isn’t an act of charity. It’s a job.
  • A lot of Republicans would see us dead, I fear. Also, that’s a magnificently worthless apology.
  • Ben Sasse is part of a long, proud line of Republicans that soaks up admiration for their words while getting off scot-free with their actual votes.
  • Trump’s aides don’t know how to turn on the lights in the White House. Trump doesn’t know what he signs until he sees it on Fox News. These things are both awful.
  • Some libraries are doing away with overdue fees because they’re not effective at getting people to return books on time, but they are effective at encouraging people not to bother checking out books. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.
  • If you’re a young, conservative, blond woman, you can stay three nights in Dallas and attend a leadership conference, all for $25 (plus transportation)! The wingnut welfare train runs all night.
  • The Onion is a national treasure. Enjoy a classic: “Sonny Corleone Would Still Be Alive Today If He Had E-ZPass”
  • I’m feeling much less confident in the general strike than I did in the women’s marches (h/t Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money).
  • 2+2=5
  • Sean Duffy is a lunatic Congressman who literally said, today, “Look at the good things that came from it!” regarding the fucking Charleston massacre.
  • Refugees
  • Tom Perez’s Department of Labor will be sorely missed (h/t Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money).
  • The confirmation of Betsy DeVos is a goddamned national tragedy. Seriously, what’s the point of working hard and bettering yourself when a hack like this is the most powerful education official in the country?
  • The term “meritocracy” was originally satirical, because the people in charge can always define “merit” to be whatever they like. Such as, for instance, social skills and interviewing capability over test scores. But like “political correctness,” it is now used sincerely.

Days 14 and 15 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Two weeks in! Remember, though, Hillary would have been worse.

  • Standing Rock is being taken.
  • Haven’t we all founded “Fascism Forever” clubs in high school? For shame, scandalmongers.
  • Guess who said it! Joseph Goebbels… or Sean Spicer? This is real life!
  • Australia’s refugee policy is inhumane and vicious. So my gob is smacked that Trump managed to make them look good.
  • Your phone calls, your letters, your faxes and your rallies ARE making a difference. Keep it up.
  • Donald Trump sent his troops into unnecessary danger, after talking it over with a white supremacist and his son-in-law. Ben… Ghazi?
  • The filibuster is dead like Rickon Stark. If the Republicans are going to kill it regardless of when the Democrats use it, why save it for a rainy day? It’s a bad thing to have, anyway.
  • The Democrats are going to be organizing in 20 House districts. Good.
  • An essay asking why fictional fascist regimes are always race-blind when the reality is anything but.
  • Chen Jiansheng is dead for the unforgivable crime of playing Pokémon Go. No arrests have been made.
  • The White House went out of its way to block a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement from the State department that bothered to remember that Jews were killed.
  • Betsy DeVos lies flagrantly and contemptuously.
  • If Pizzagate became a thing, the Bowling Green massacre absolutely will as well.
  • An incredibly stupid article about rooting for the Patriots when they support Trump.
  • But I was told that Hillary was the candidate of Goldman Sachs! What’s this about Trump moving against Dodd-Frank?
  • In some cool and good news, a language museum is going to be in D.C. someday.
  • An article on old-school gaming screenshots, i.e. literal photographs of screens.
  • All you ever needed to know about coffee cup sleeves, and more!


Buzzfeed “quizzes” suck

They aren’t quizzes! A quiz tests your knowledge, preferably your useless knowledge. Buzzfeed and its ilk have some of those, but most of the “quizzes” I see don’t ask, “What do you know?”. Rather, they ask, “What are you?”.

Upon completing these, I will know how much I know about television, but mostly some person’s arbitrary opinion of aspects of my personality over which I have most definitely spent many hours brooding.


Buzzfeed “quizzes” suck. They are killing America.

Day 13 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

After less than two weeks of Trump, I think we’ve solved the Fermi paradox.

  • The flag of Nebraska is so atrocious that you can hang it upside-down and nobody will notice. New Mexico’s flag is the best among the states, by far.
  • Considering that Trump is already a candidate to run for reelection, shouldn’t we let the people decide before we confirm any Supreme Court justice of his? (h/t Betty Cracker at Balloon Juice)
  • Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a man deemed too racist to be a judge during the Reagan administration, will be in charge of protecting voting rights. It was a tragic day today.
  • The Republicans, having much respect for precedent, will surely govern more reasonably if the Democrats do not filibuster Neil Gorsuch.
  • If you think it’s extreme to block a Supreme Court nomination for four years, don’t worry, the Republicans are fine with it.
  • Tom Perez will probably be the next DNC chair. He’s a good choice, though Keith Ellison is as well.
  • Framing arguments well is nice, but this search for a logic bomb that will win conservatives to our side seems like a fool’s errand to me.
  • I’m sure that Hillary would be threatening to invade Mexico less than two weeks into her administration. They’re just two sides of the same coin, after all.
  • The only Twitter account you’ll ever need to follow.

Day 12 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Keep fighting, friends.

  • Today was the last day to sign up for the ACA this cycle, possibly forever. A good law that like many revolutionary accomplishments, will be better appreciated in death.
  • I attended a rally in Jersey City on Monday.
  • Fred Clark said it before and said it best. If you don’t have compassion for refugees, chances are you don’t have compassion for homeless veterans, unborn babies or any of the props you bring out to prove you’re a good person.
  • If you worry about the efficacy of protest, or if you’re just a contrarian jackass, read this article (h/t Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money).
  • White supremacists have infiltrated law enforcement agencies around the country? Merde.
  • Net neutrality is probably dead. Yay libertarians.
  • The only Supreme Court nominee that should be confirmed during the Trump administration is Merrick Garland. Heck, if he doesn’t mind the wait, he should get the job afterward.
  • Another Wikipedia article that makes the world a better place: “smelly socks”

Days 10 and 11 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

I really need to get these posts out on time, but there is always more and it is always worse. Anyway, anyone remember this commercial? Good commercial.

  • For you non-Michiganders out there, the State of Michigan under unqualified businessman Rick Snyder implemented a new fraud detection system for people collecting unemployment. Turns out the system had a 93% error rate and led to over 1,000 people getting falsely accused of fraud and forced into bankruptcy. Republican governance at work.
  • Uber is a craven, untrustworthy company whose entire business model is essentially anti-regulations blitzkrieg — by the time governments can respond to all their rule-breaking, Uber has already embedded itself in the market. So it’s of little surprise that they took the money and ran. As many have noted, Uber is not unionized.
  • With Steve Bannon in the White House, the chaos caused by Trump’s illegal executive order may have been entirely deliberate. This is a dangerous man.
  • Steve Bannon also personally made sure that green card holders would be included in the ban. As I said on Facebook:

    Right-wingers have always tried to divide the immigrant community by going on about “the right way” so that documented immigrants resent undocumented immigrants. But it was never about that. At all.

  • Someone made a great list of each Senator’s position on Trump’s illegal executive order. There are a lot more Republicans doing the right thing than the last time I checked, and just one Democrat (Manchin, of course) doing the wrong. Keep up the pressure.
  • Happy Birthday to Fred Korematsu. Good thing the government would never do something like that again!
  • Vice has an article on Trump’s analytics team from the election, which appears to be stunningly competent. They use microtargeting based on Facebook likes rather than demographic information, so theoretically it’s the better approach. Don’t underestimate them.
  • “They shall not pass.”
  • A Muslim refugee shot up a Christian church, nope a right-wing white man shot up a mosque. Ban male immigration.
  • Chuck Schumer might be learning, I hope.
  • Sanctuary cities are a good thing. When people living in America are worried to contact the police, society suffers.
  • Sally Yates did the right thing and was punished for it. She won’t be the last.

Adjectives that end in “ly” rock

I love them! It’s like they’re infiltrating the wicked world of adverbs before going, “Surprise! I was a noun modifier all along!” Then stabbing “apparently” in the throat and fleeing to Switzerland. Plus, you can always turn them into adverbs if you really want to:

“I wish I could be that gnarly,” lamented Tony Hawk as Bob Burnquist ollied gnarlily.

“You’ll never get away with this, Lex,” croaked Superman as he succumbed to the Kryptonite, cursing himself for being defeated so dastardlily.

“There’s too much sun. I wish I were still a bulb,” whinged the cowardly lily as it cowered cowardlily.

My incomplete list of these wonderful words:

  • boyly (Nope, doesn’t exist. Get on it, Merriam-Webster.)
  • bubbly
  • bully (for Brits)
  • comely
  • cowardly
  • cuddly
  • curly
  • dastardly
  • early
  • elderly
  • friendly
  • girly
  • gnarly
  • heavenly
  • holy
  • jolly
  • likely
  • lively
  • lonely
  • lovely
  • manly
  • saintly
  • sickly (sort of)
  • silly
  • snuggly
  • sprightly
  • surly
  • ugly
  • womanly

Have you got any to add?