Day 67 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Back to the fight.

  • The automation “crisis” is going to get worse: 38% of jobs in America could be replaced within 15 years. Forget The Right to be Lazy, the necessity to be lazy may be upon us. We have to do something. (h/t Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money).
  • Donald Trump is the culmination of everything the GOP has been moving toward since, arguably, the Nixon administration. Nothing matters but winning, dominance and sticking it to liberals. No wonder he doesn’t care about actual governance.
  • I thought it was obvious that anyone who insists on their greatness is not really so great. But more than 60 million people didn’t know this, or were OK with it. I’m sad.
  • If you’ve been wondering about how exactly Trump and Tom Price might go about sabotaging the ACA through the executive branch, David Anderson at Balloon Juice has you covered. The next battle will be fought for the cost sharing reduction subsidies which made silver plans the best deals on the exchanges.
  • Call your Senators and ask them to filibuster Neil Gorsuch! Or call to thank them for filibustering Neil Gorsuch! How will you know which action to take? Check the list.
  • Steven Mnuchin seems to be Trump-lite in terms of creepiness and corruption. Where do they find these assholes?
  • Trump’s chosen a horribly anti-gay, anti-trans zealot to run the fucking civil rights office at HHS. There’s always more bad news.
  • The au pair program has some problems.
  • Awesome Wikipedia article of the day: “Sneakernet”

    In September 2009, Durban company Unlimited IT reportedly pitted a messenger pigeon against South African ISP Telkom to transfer 4 GB of data 60 miles (97 km) from Howick to Durban. The pigeon, carrying the data on a memory stick, arrived in one hour eight minutes, with the data taking another hour to read from the memory stick. During the same two-hour period, only about 4.2% of the data had been transferred over the ADSL link.


Days 64, 65 and 66 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

As glad as I am that Trump caved like Mammoth Cave would were it to collapse, I’m disturbed that he gave up so easily after quarter-assing AHCA outreach for less than three weeks. Will he wilt like this when an actual, non-self-inflicted crisis happens? Eventually, America will need its President.

  • Obama took months to get the ACA passed. Trump gave up, I reiterate, after less than three weeks.
  • Paul Ryan is a fraud and a hack and anyone who got duped by his reputation should be ashamed.
  • Devin Nunes cannot possibly oversee the Russia investigation. What is he hiding?
  • Lock them up. Lock them all up.
  • Though his background is bog-standard Republican Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin is also creepy in that quintessentially Trumpish way. “Perfect genes” should not be said, ever.
  • As wretched as Trump is, it could be worse. Bassem Youssef, the “Jon Stewart of Egypt,” had to leave his country and miss his father’s funeral. We are not there yet.
  • Trump’s budget sucks for public transportation, among many, many things.
  • In organizing news, Fight for 15$ and Black Lives Matter are joining forces. These folks get stuff done. I’m excited.
  • Do women earn less because they enroll disproportionately in low-paying majors, or are those majors low-paying because women enroll in them?
  • If you’ve seen the memes about missing black girls in D.C., it seems like the police are simply doing more to publicize voluntary disappearances that have happened in the past. So it’s a pilot light of a crisis rather than a wildfire, though still bad. Here’s a map of the disappearances.
  • “Free Tibet” still lives, but it’s lost a lot of prominence. I think that ship might have sailed.
  • The trailer for the Justice League movie looks awful. Just watch Justice League Unlimited again.
  • It turns out that the front crawl swimming stroke is not the same as “freestyle,” front crawl just happens to be the universal choice for freestyle. I am actually very miffed about this.

Days 62 and 63 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Was this really a good idea? At least Willem Dafoe sounds pretty great.

  • Trumpcare is wounded, but I won’t be satisfied until it’s dead. Here’s a guide on how to harangue your representatives about it.
  • And here’s a reminder that it isn’t Obamacare-lite, but the wholesale destruction of America’s largest single-payer health care program.
  • John Dingell had a long and distinguished career in Congress. Here’s him explaining why health care is hard, and just what an accomplishment the ACA (seven years old today!) was.
  • People who make Putin angry tend to die of radiation poisoning or get shot outside their apartment. Or get dropped out of a fourth-story window. Or get murdered in Kiev. I sure hope nobody here is mixed up with his dirty business!
  • Oh, wait.
  • Not only was Neil Gorsuch nominated by Donald Trump, but he wrote a breathtakingly callous opinion regarding a man who disobeyed his employer to shirk his duty of freezing to death. And had an opinion unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court while answering questions before the Senate.
  • Therefore, I am very glad that some of the Democrats plan to filibuster his nomination. Check what your Senator has committed to doing.
  • Rex Tillerson does not appear to be good at his job. Now China gets to tell him what to do.
  • Rest in peace, Timothy Caughman. A victim of America’s white terrorism epidemic. 😦
  • White Twitter trolls have taken to creating fake accounts that impersonate black people. Sick bastards. The reason that they get figured out is pretty nifty, though.
  • I liked Zootopia a lot, but Disney does not get to use it to justify working with Trump.
  • Why the Peters projection? Why, God, why? Anything but that.
  • Please do not stare at the sun. But read that article.
  • ESPN ran an article about the NBA’s addiction to PB&J that’s quite adorable, honestly.
  • It’s a bad time to be a bat. Poor bats.

Days 60 and 61 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Look on this video, ye mighty, and despair!

  • Donald J. Trump is the worst person in America. There is nothing mitigating.
  • Florida is the worst state in America, at least until Ohio regains the crown.
  • Vanity Fair ran an article back in February on James Comey and the FBI. It’s worth revisiting. The New York field office seems like a rogue unit.
  • To paraphrase Al Franken: “If you’re poor, it’s your fault. Anything else, it’s Clinton’s.” Still holds true today.
  • Ronald Reagan blamed trees for pollution, but Rep. Scott Perry (WHAT POLITICAL PARTY DO YOU THINK HE IS-PA) has gone above and beyond to blame God Himself. I guess everything’s OK, then.
  • Quick, name a woman scientist! Was it Marie Curie? No disrespect meant to the great Madame Curie, but science is full of many other accomplished women. Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is working to tell their stories.
  • You know that magnificent infographic on Napoleon’s invasion of Russia that Edward Tufte gushes over? Learn about its history.
  • An F. Scott Fitzgerald story from 1920 has finally been published for the first time. It’s pretty funny.
  • Statistical analysis of famous authors can yield interesting results if done right. It turns out your teacher was right — adverbs are awful.
  • If you want evidence that humanity has outstayed its time on earth, “marriage proposal planner” is a good place to start.

Days 56, 57, 58 and 59 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

So this place hasn’t burned down yet…

  • Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day! Let the shame of Canada’s Guinness blunder endure forever.
  • The Republican budget will kill Americans. This is not an accident. This is what they want. They want us dead.
  • Things worth spending money on: a giant wall that won’t work. Things not worth spending money on: food for senior citizens. This will end well.
  • Trump’s budget cuts will annihilate several programs that benefit Michiganders, but a defense contractor might stay in the state, maybe, possibly. Worth it!
  • Nothing about the Trump budget is good.
  • Trumpcare, a.k.a. “the Nickelback of health reform,” will destroy Medicaid. If I had to guess, that more than anything is what Paul Ryan hopes to achieve with it.
  • Regarding the “Deep State”:

    American security forces have destabilized governments, trampled on civil liberties, and caused innocent lives to be lost. But these outcomes have generally been instigated or approved by the executive branch. In this way, the FBI, the CIA, and the intelligence community generally are resources that amplify the reach and intentions of American presidents, rather than undermining them. Conspiracy theories about the Deep State distract us from the real dangers America faces with a president Trump in charge of these intelligence services. The main danger from the FBI and CIA is not that they will overthrow Trump in some Oliver Stone-style conspiracy. It’s that they will do his bidding.

  • An interesting essay on the rise of cashless transactions and plastic cards. They make the excellent point that cash has no middle men between us and the Federal Reserve, while electronic transactions are always mediated by the private sector. What does this mean for us? Read the essay.
  • Chris Christie roots for the Cowboys and Notre Dame (his daughter’s school), even though his son went to Princeton, where he sits on the Board of Trustees. New Jersey ill needs a governor like him.
  • Once upon a time, the NIT was the most important basketball tournament in America.
  • How much does actual Atlantic City property cost? Oceans rise and empires fall, but Mediterranean Avenue remains the cheapest and Boardwalk is still the most expensive. I am glad.
  • Speaking of Monopoly, farewell, wheelbarrow, thimble and shoe. Hello bird domination!
  • “What, Exactly, Does ‘Ideological Diversity’ Mean?”:

    Pundits are getting distracted by the dubious tactical approaches of a small minority of protesters instead of focusing on why they’re so upset in the first place — because discredited, offensive, and abhorrent (often right-wing) fringe viewpoints are now getting treated like they’re merely “ideologically diverse” instead of poisonous.

  • If you ever go to Arkansas, the Crater of Diamonds State Park is a fun place to visit. You probably won’t do as well as a recent visitor, though. Lucky bastard.

Day 55 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Yesterday’s news, today!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1329 trump protects americans
Source: Boing Boing
  • One of the best things I’ve read lately is Rick Perlstein’s thoughtful essay on smartness. It’s hard to quote, so you should just read it all. And everything he writes. (h/t Your Moments of Zen)
  • I appreciate the adequate job the media has done in explaining how awful Trumpcare is. Would that they could have done so when the public had a chance to make an informed decision about it.
  • On Trumpcare:

    Health care politics resonate like nothing else. They cut across President Trump’s coalition like a scythe. If you’re looking for the political battle that will damage President Trump and his party it is Obamacare repeal. Of course, there are few issues before the political nation today that will more affect the lives of people across the country, especially the most vulnerable, the least politically powerful. So there’s no trade-off between “politics” and things that [affect] people’s lives.

  • In yet another example of ALL PROJECTION ALL THE TIME Trump had UAW members bused in for his Michigan speech.
  • For a dangerous criminal that needed killin’, Michael Brown sure had a lot of lies told about him to justify his murder. Rest in peace. 😦
  • I’m skeptical that West Virginia votes 3-to-1 for Republicans because they’re all closet socialists. So from a basic resource allocation perspective, primarying Joe Manchin seems like a waste of time. And yes, he is better than any Republican that would replace him. Going after Feinstein, Carper, or (I’m sad to say) Kaine and Stabenow may make more sense.
  • Unanimity may itself be evidence of error. I think. My appreciation of Bayesian thinking exceeds my understanding. (h/t Jess Brooks at FAQ)
  • If nothing else, America can serve as a terrible example for others. Good work, Netherlands.
  • Religious tests are unconstitutional. Nice try, Trump.
  • Ahahahaha.

    25. Is there a Pulitzer Prize logo?

    No, there is no logo for The Pulitzer Prize.

    26. Where can I find information on the Nobel Prizes?

    The Nobel Prizes are in no way affiliated with The Pulitzer Prizes. Please check the Nobel Prize website for information.

Day 54 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Stella was here. I was kind of disappointed.

  • I was also a little disappointed in Rachel Maddow’s story on Trump’s tax returns. But revolutions take time. This is a start.
  • Trumpcare should primarily be seen as a destruction of Medicaid so wealthy people can pay less in taxes. Robbing and killing the poor to feed the rich. (h/t Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns & Money)
  • Steve King continues to be a delusional racist.
  • Corey Lewandowski is running a protection racket for companies that don’t want Trump to tweet about them. Donald J. Trump is the worst president in American history. (h/t Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice)
  • The Chinese company Anbang, which may or may not be owned by the government, is forgiving 200,000,000$ of debt that Jared Kushner owes on the property they just bought. And the Kushners are retaining a stake. How generous!
  • Joe Barton, Republican from Texas, is the kind of guy who tells his own constituents to shut up. Wouldn’t you feel proud to have him represent you in Congress?
  • Meet the woke misogynist:

    “His true kink seemed to be tricking her into it.”

  • FiveThirtyEight has a fun article about the difficulties of colonizing Mars. I always liked the idea of sending a souped-up zeppelin to float in the atmosphere of Venus.