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The world was not ready for an Ace of Base Bond theme.

  • I generally try to put breaking news/imminent doom stuff at the top, but Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a masterpiece about Trump and it deserves its due. Read “The First White President” now. Then read his interview with Morning Edition for good measure.
  • The Gop has one last chance to repeal the ACA, and it looks like it’s going to take it. All hands on deck!
  • This is how far we’ve come, and this is what we stand to gain. Losing the ACA will be devastating to our cause.
  • The Russia news keeps coming in. I hope the indictments aren’t far behind.
  • If were to compare Hillary to any TV character, I would compare her to Skyler White.
  • China fell for Nixon’s shit and has fallen for Jared and Ivanka’s shit. It’s hard to express how disappointed I am.
  • A lot of new right-wing assholes have come into being lately, but Rush Limbaugh still sucks just as much as before.
  • Rembert Browne wrote a magnificent article on Colin Kaepernick. Kaep is a brave, brave man, and he deserves better.
  • In other football news, Michael Bennett is good and the Patriots suck.
  • Cassini has ended its mission. It was a great space probe.
  • Abe Lincoln’s image management would probably have been a great scandal if he were alive today.
  • Pizza is one of Detroit’s great strengths and I miss it more than coneys.
  • The Onion goes for the deep cut again.
  • What’s better, a Wikipedia article on the “high five” or an article on “New Jersey v. New York”?

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“Laconicity” or “laconicism”?



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It was Independence Day.

  • The ACA is good, unlike Republican laws. That is THE reason that Republicans are having trouble repealing it. Keep calling.
  • Ironically, both times in U.S. history that the government enacted single-payer healthcare were shortly followed by the elections of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, respectively. Perhaps it’s not a cheat code for eternal electoral victory. I still think it’s good policy! (h/t Scott Lemieux)
  • Well, the Russia hacking saga is over! Putin himself assured us.
  • Citizens United, Shelby County, Hobby Lobby. What are “terrible Supreme Court decisions that could have been overturned with Merrick Garland’s confirmation”? And now Kennedy may be retiring soon. I’m sad.
  • Speaking of Hobby Lobby and terribleness…
  • But Chick-fil-A ain’t gun let Hobby Lobby’s awfulness go uncontested.
  • Good thing Congress wants to let churches get involved in politics while retaining tax-exempt status! Perfect timing, really.
  • The people who cheer the body-slamming of journalists are sad about CNN not exposing one of them. I am overflowing with sympathy.
  • Labor should never take less than it’s worth to accommodate the wants of management, whether it’s in sports or acting. Though Emma Stone and coworkers are in a tough position. 😦
  • The White House should really consider hiring a scheduler.
  • The White House should really consider firing Jared.
  • Michigan frequently fills me with shame.
  • The gas chambers at Auschwitz are probably the worst place on earth to use as a movie studio.
  • Chris Christie is a complete disgrace, and I’m glad that the good people of New Jersey have (finally) realized it.
  • And then some good news out of Jersey as well, for fairness and balance.
  • What mass transit really needs is fresh coffee. Read this if your eyes need rolling.
  • We recently marked the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Read about Gettysburg’s black community, which Robert E. Lee’s army did its best to destroy during the invasion.
  • Er, uh, well, like, um, so.
  • Sheila Michaels, who popularized “Ms.”, has passed. In pace requiescat.
  • The Tour de France is always a good time to revisit one of my favorite Onion articles.
  • A two-fer this time. From “X-Patent”:

The Patent Office 1836 fire occurred on December 15 when the patents were in temporary storage while a new (more fireproof) facility was being built.

Although the building was constructed to be fireproof, many of its contents were not; some 80,000 models and some 600,000 copy drawings were destroyed.

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Man, I don’t know why I’ve been updating so sporadically. I haven’t even been that busy.

  • The Pete Campbell strategy of selling Trumpcare is off to a dismal start. But selling something with a 17% approval rating is going to be tough, and that’s before you start arresting people with disabilities for protesting their own imminent deaths.
  • That said, this bill is dangerously close to passing, so make your calls!
  • Now we know that a Republican operative was actively seeking Hillary’s emails — and didn’t care if a foreign government were the source. Drip drip drip.
  • I’m glad that states are pushing back against Trump’s not-at-all-suspicious request for every voter’s personal information. But if yours hasn’t yet, call your Secretary of State!
  • Neil Gorsuch sucks and is dishonest. Perfect timing now that Texas is chipping away at Obergefell. Everyone who takes a job, even a non-stolen one, from Donald Trump is inherently suspect.
  • Every day a new blow to basic decency. There’s just not much to say anymore.
  • “I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People”
  • Think of all the journalists, documentarians, social issue filmmakers and more who work to make the world a better place. Then think about James O’Keefe, who uses his power for evil, to spread misery and ruin lives. Death is too good for him.
  • Speaking of journalism, The New York Times, being garbage, is firing a bunch of copy editors. They will rerget this!
  • This 10 Commandments statue saga is one of the funniest vandalism-related stories I’ve read in a while. Michael Tate Reed is a man on a mission.
  • In the words of a Facebook friend, “I can’t wait for Cuomo to run for president so he can get completely clowned on how poorly he’s run the subways.”
  • Yet Cuomo is still much, much better than Chris Christie, king of the rat bastards.
  • I don’t understand everything about California’s single-payer fight, but the news is unpromising, and the bill appears to be a waste of time (funding mechanisms are not something you fix in post!). The Trump era, unfortunately, will see more triage than advancement.
  • I suppose we’re on a state government kick. Elbridge Gerry of gerrymandering fame pronounced his last name like “Gary,” or “gill,” or the incorrect way of saying “GIF.” Now you know!
  • The “Progressive Liberal” is a hilarious wrestling heel, and I wish him all the success in the world.
  • “Teethpaste” is not a word, and per Merriam-Webster, there is no reason it should be. But it might be fun to bust it out on occasion.
  • I liked Steven Spielberg’s “War of the Worlds,” but how on earth did the good people of Wikipedia decide to use that movie as an example for “happy ending”?
  • And finally, I have been informed that posting links on Facebook 50 times a day is a sign that you are a spreader of fake news. This post, however, only has 27 links, so I am in the clear!

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Holy moly, I let things pile up. My comments may not meet the usual standard.


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I suppose we’ve crossed the 10% mark of Trump’s only (please) term, assuming he isn’t removed from office. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!

  • Philando Castile was murdered for nothing, and his murder is nothing, according to the justice system. I don’t ever want to be desensitized to this.
  • Nabra, a Muslim girl only 17 years old, was murdered after leaving a mosque near D.C. This is just horrible.
  • The whole “Trump is NOT under investigation” line has already been invalidated, by the man himself. This is a bad time to be a Republican talking point.
  • The Grenfell Tower tragedy was utterly preventable, but we must have profits over people.
  • How is the amount of people willing to work for Donald Trump greater than zero? The good people of New Jersey and New York deserve better than Eric Trump’s wedding planner.
  • The military has a great socialized childcare system that works for everyone (and we could have had it nationwide if not for Nixon). My “expand the welfare state by drafting everyone” plan remains viable.
  • Speaking of Nixon, the Mafia operation he ran from the Oval Office planned to use CIA operatives to beat up protesters, including Daniel Ellsberg. If I could kill off a bunch of myths, one of them would be the lie that the Watergate break-in was the first illegal thing that Nixon did.
  • Amazon bought Whole Foods. Jeff Bezos plays the game better than anybody, but I don’t find this game particularly fun.
  • Speaking of Now that we’re talking about Amazon, turns out the whole Amazons-cut-off-a-breast thing may just have been bad reverse etymology. Now you know!
  • Sgt. Pepper’s just turned 50 years old, and the snazzy new remix sounds amazing. But is it better than Pet Sounds?
  • The U.S. once tried to ban private restaurant rooms because it was waging a war on Chinese restaurants. The restaurants won, thank God.
  • The New Jersey Giants. The New Jersey Jets. The New Jersey Daily News.
  • Detroit gave one of these to Saddam Hussein. One of what? “List of Keys to the City in the United States.”
  • It’s a Wikipedia double feature: “Eating live seafood.” Do we not have a noun for that yet?