Days 181, 182, 183, 184, 185 and 186 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

The problem with slacking off on updating this blog is that stories become irrelevant within days, if not hours. I suppose that is always the case, but it’s gotten worse in these six months. I shall be more punctual.

  • On a basic level, democratic governments find it difficult to do things that will obviously cause their citizens great suffering. Resistance workedThe rules still apply to the Quest for ACA Repeal — unless they get rid of it today, then all of this is moot.
  • The Republicans are using money explicitly pegged for ACA outreach to run ads against the ACA. Even I am shocked and disgusted.
  • If Trump pardons his family, illegally pardons himself and fires Mueller, it will be a constitutional crisis and backbreaking blow to the rule of law. So Republicans will do nothing.
  • The immortal Charlie Pierce:

Right now, we are stumbling in the dark into a constitutional crisis. During Watergate, the crisis existed in plain public sight from the moment that Alexander Butterfield told the Ervin committee about the White House tapes. There was a clear path forward. The two sides of the fight were clearly drawn and, by and large, it was a fight between the executive and the legislative that bled into a fight between the executive and the judiciary, and that finally was settled back in the legislature again, where it belonged. In this one, the legislative branch of the government has withdrawn disgracefully from the fray, so the fight is carried on anonymously between factions of the executive who are trying to save themselves.

The past 17 years has been the worst period for voting rights since the collapse of Reconstruction, and it all goes back to the dynamics unleashed in our politics in 2000. In 2000, for example, Florida contracted for a voter “purge” list that disenfranchised an estimated 20,000 voters, most of them minority citizens, because their names were similar to those of convicted felons. And, now, we have the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program, which is to that Florida purge list what an oak is to an acorn. The entire Republican political apparatus, state and federal, has been dedicated to rolling back every hard-won expansion of the franchise and democratization of the franchise back to 1913.

  • So we’re just giving Russia what they want in Syria.
  • Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is in trouble, though it’s quite likely that Trump leaked the info himself.
  • Jill Stein is also in trouble.
  • The New York Review of Books wrote about Steve Bannon. Fans of Seinfeld, you are in luck. Bannon has received a mere pittance from the show.
  • Rest in pieces, Sean Spicer.
  • Trump’s new lead lawyer is called Ty Cobb. That’s pretty amazing.
  • Donald Trump’s enablers on the left are insufferable, in part because they can’t recognize the great progress the Democrats have made in resisting Republican tyranny.
  • The internet is a public good and the government should provide it for everyone, as the struggles of Google Fiber demonstrate.
  • Dan Gilbert is a putz who happens to enjoy putting his money into Detroit. Revitalization cannot just be rich people relocating themselves to poor areas.
  • Nintendo’s voice chat app for the Switch is obtuse and terrible in a quintessentially Nintendo way. I love it.
  • HBO’s planned show on the Confederate States of America is obtuse and terrible in a quintessentially white, ignorant way. I hate it.
  • A world with long, irregular seasons a la Game of Thrones is possible, all you need is a moon orbiting a double planet.
  • I wish I could discover massive fossils while hiking.

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