Days 165, 166, 167, 168 and 169 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

It was Independence Day.

  • The ACA is good, unlike Republican laws. That is THE reason that Republicans are having trouble repealing it. Keep calling.
  • Ironically, both times in U.S. history that the government enacted single-payer healthcare were shortly followed by the elections of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, respectively. Perhaps it’s not a cheat code for eternal electoral victory. I still think it’s good policy! (h/t Scott Lemieux)
  • Well, the Russia hacking saga is over! Putin himself assured us.
  • Citizens United, Shelby County, Hobby Lobby. What are “terrible Supreme Court decisions that could have been overturned with Merrick Garland’s confirmation”? And now Kennedy may be retiring soon. I’m sad.
  • Speaking of Hobby Lobby and terribleness…
  • But Chick-fil-A ain’t gun let Hobby Lobby’s awfulness go uncontested.
  • Good thing Congress wants to let churches get involved in politics while retaining tax-exempt status! Perfect timing, really.
  • The people who cheer the body-slamming of journalists are sad about CNN not exposing one of them. I am overflowing with sympathy.
  • Labor should never take less than it’s worth to accommodate the wants of management, whether it’s in sports or acting. Though Emma Stone and coworkers are in a tough position. 😦
  • The White House should really consider hiring a scheduler.
  • The White House should really consider firing Jared.
  • Michigan frequently fills me with shame.
  • The gas chambers at Auschwitz are probably the worst place on earth to use as a movie studio.
  • Chris Christie is a complete disgrace, and I’m glad that the good people of New Jersey have (finally) realized it.
  • And then some good news out of Jersey as well, for fairness and balance.
  • What mass transit really needs is fresh coffee. Read this if your eyes need rolling.
  • We recently marked the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Read about Gettysburg’s black community, which Robert E. Lee’s army did its best to destroy during the invasion.
  • Er, uh, well, like, um, so.
  • Sheila Michaels, who popularized “Ms.”, has passed. In pace requiescat.
  • The Tour de France is always a good time to revisit one of my favorite Onion articles.
  • A two-fer this time. From “X-Patent”:

The Patent Office 1836 fire occurred on December 15 when the patents were in temporary storage while a new (more fireproof) facility was being built.

Although the building was constructed to be fireproof, many of its contents were not; some 80,000 models and some 600,000 copy drawings were destroyed.


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