Days 148, 149 and 150 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

I suppose we’ve crossed the 10% mark of Trump’s only (please) term, assuming he isn’t removed from office. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!

  • Philando Castile was murdered for nothing, and his murder is nothing, according to the justice system. I don’t ever want to be desensitized to this.
  • Nabra, a Muslim girl only 17 years old, was murdered after leaving a mosque near D.C. This is just horrible.
  • The whole “Trump is NOT under investigation” line has already been invalidated, by the man himself. This is a bad time to be a Republican talking point.
  • The Grenfell Tower tragedy was utterly preventable, but we must have profits over people.
  • How is the amount of people willing to work for Donald Trump greater than zero? The good people of New Jersey and New York deserve better than Eric Trump’s wedding planner.
  • The military has a great socialized childcare system that works for everyone (and we could have had it nationwide if not for Nixon). My “expand the welfare state by drafting everyone” plan remains viable.
  • Speaking of Nixon, the Mafia operation he ran from the Oval Office planned to use CIA operatives to beat up protesters, including Daniel Ellsberg. If I could kill off a bunch of myths, one of them would be the lie that the Watergate break-in was the first illegal thing that Nixon did.
  • Amazon bought Whole Foods. Jeff Bezos plays the game better than anybody, but I don’t find this game particularly fun.
  • Speaking of Now that we’re talking about Amazon, turns out the whole Amazons-cut-off-a-breast thing may just have been bad reverse etymology. Now you know!
  • Sgt. Pepper’s just turned 50 years old, and the snazzy new remix sounds amazing. But is it better than Pet Sounds?
  • The U.S. once tried to ban private restaurant rooms because it was waging a war on Chinese restaurants. The restaurants won, thank God.
  • The New Jersey Giants. The New Jersey Jets. The New Jersey Daily News.
  • Detroit gave one of these to Saddam Hussein. One of what? “List of Keys to the City in the United States.”
  • It’s a Wikipedia double feature: “Eating live seafood.” Do we not have a noun for that yet?

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