Day 151 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • And now the Senate Democrats begin the fight. They shall not pass. Er, “they” being the Republicans. Passing their bad law. On healthcare.
  • The RNC, through a contractor, accidentally exposed information on 198 million voters, including, probably, your faithful blogger. Lock ’em up?
  • Another unanimous Supreme Court decision about the First Amendment and trademarks. I think I agree with it.
  • The State of Michigan has denied vanity plates like “PSYDUCK,” “FTHEDNC,” “BYOTCH,” “BYTCH,” “BYTCHEZ” and “BYTCHIN.” Human creativity is a marvel.
  • The way you draw a circle may be related to the culture (and language) you grew up with. Maybe.
  • “How many turtles have to die before we stand up to the balloon lobby?” is a fairly cavalier headline, but the editorial is pretty sobering. Do not release helium balloons.
  • The Ringer has done some good stuff, but this list of “The 50 Best Good Bad Movies” frequently left me perplexed. Do people actually like the 1998 Godzilla?
  • Do you like lightning? Do you like maps? Then you’ll love

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