Days 133, 134, 135, 136 & 137 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Ted Cruz is an oily, oily man. I enjoy hating him.

  • Democrats have been doing much, much better in the special elections than one would expect. Despite the losses, I am cautiously optimistic about 2018. Why? Learn some history.
  • Charlie Pierce makes the excellent point that Al Gore and John Kerry didn’t contest the elections they lost, but they probably should’ve. If Hillary stops talking about Russia, we’re just inviting them to attack us next time, as a very wise man once said.
  • Who’s next in the Russia investigation? Nigel Farage, come on down!
  • You could write an entire manual on activism organizing just by noting what Occupy Wall Street did and recommending the opposite. (h/t Erik Loomis)
  • Thinking of boycotting Trump? Here’s what’s happened so far:

The anti-Trump movement has yet to accomplish anything so awe-inspiring [as the March on Washington]. More than half a million people gathered in Washington for the Women’s March — a number that climbed to more than four million when all the protests around the country were added in — but it’s not at all clear that such numbers carry the same weight today as smaller crowds did in previous eras. Though protesters filled the streets in Washington one day after the inauguration, anti-Trump activity remains fragmented several months into his term.

And when it comes to waging economic resistance against this billionaire president, the pressing question is whether innumerable people across the country, like Dee from New York, who are changing their spending habits, tweeting at advertisers, contacting chief executives, and jamming phones at Trump businesses, will do so in a way that converts their discrete actions into real influence and power.

It’s still too early to tell.

  • Good on Planet Fitness. Good on the Michigan Appeals Court.
  • It’s the 50th anniversary of the accurately named Six-Day War. Read about how Israel thought about detonating a nuke in the desert as a show of force.
  • To the surprise of no one, Calvin Coolidge is the least-traveled president since Teddy Roosevelt (the first to travel abroad).
  • El Capitan has been free-soloed. HOLY SHIT MAN FREE-SOLOS FUCKING EL CAPITAN. Look at the pictures.
  • That Dawa logo looked pretty familiar. I love obvious trademark infringement.
  • Juice ain’t milk, bubs.

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