The Senate Democrats’ outreach chair thinks Democrats are the nation’s biggest obstacle to progressive reform


Goddammit I’m doing it again. For every Bernie story I post in 2017, retroactive to January 1, I’ll donate 5$ to the League of Women Voters.

Having said that, look at this quote from an interview he did with Larry Wilmore:

[…] there is an element of the Democratic establishment who may give lip service to those ideas, but that’s not really what is in their heart of hearts.

The cynicism is breathtaking. There are no outs. It would be one thing if he thought that these reluctant progressives could be brought on to the movement. But he doesn’t say that and he has never said anything to that effect.

If the Democrats are just liars who will sabotage progressivism given the chance, then there is no working with them. All this does is set up (er, prolong) a showdown with the rest of the Democratic Party that the Sanders wing cannot possibly win. And then his supporters will abandon politics again, more cynical and angrier than before. He’s doing them wrong as well. This is what will happen if he keeps poisoning the water. This is a narrative of decline.

Let us think about how President Obama might have said it:

Even many members of my own party may be wary of passing a law like this. Now let me be clear, change isn’t easy. When it comes time to put ideas into practice I understand the temptation to back down. But backing down is not what the moment calls for. Backing down is not what we came here to do. Backing down is not what got us Social Security, or the Voting Rights Act, or Medicare.

Now there’s a glimpse of a better world. If you want a successful political movement, you can start by making politics feel less miserable. You make it feel like something which can give a life meaning, and then you show them the results. You don’t start by agreeing with the contention that the Democratic Party is the greatest obstacle to progressive reform in the country. The only out there is firebombing.

Why the hell is he still outreach chair?


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