Days 120, 121 and 122 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Good weekend?

  • Imagine, if you will, that President Hillary Clinton fired James Comey and bragged about it to officials of a foreign government.
  • Michael Flynn is burnt toast.
  • It’s Jared. It’s Jared. The treasonous White House official in question has to be Jared.
  • If Joe Biden had been the Democratic nominee in 2016, I do think he would have won, because he didn’t suffer decades of Republican smears, and because he has a penis. But I have no idea what he’s trying to accomplish by saying that Hillary was the worse candidate.
  • All these non-Trump voters that the media was ignoring, and it takes a Canadian newspaper to finally interview them. Shameful. (h/t ShakeZula)
  • Loving v. Virginia has perhaps the most appropriate name in the history of court cases. Plus, Loving won.
  • What would happen if the English Premier League, with the most straightforward and equitable process for determining a champion out of all the major sports leagues, adopted a playoff? Wonderful chaos, IMO.
  • Tom Brady, who isn’t even the breadwinner of the family, has publicly called his own wife a liar, and didn’t even have the decency to do it himself.
  • If the great city of New Orleans is interested in replacing the statues they removed, they could consider someone from this list — “Category: Southern Unionists in the American Civil War.”



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