Days 109 and 110 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

So… James Comey… For all of his misconduct, this is very bad.

But Her Emails 3

  • Sally Yates did an exemplary job at her testimony yesterday. I feel like that matters more to Comey’s firing than the nonsense about emails.
  • Add witness intimidation to the impeachment proceedings.
  • Swamped by all the Comey stuff is the news that White House staff had to beg Canada to get Trump to not destroy NAFTA. This is humiliating.
  • You put a picture of Trump in your PowerPoint, Kushners. We saw the photos.
  • I spend too much time thinking and posting about the Bernie Bros and purity leftism. Scott Lemieux has produced what should be the final word on that matter. Smack me if I keep beating this horse.

Responding to local interests is what all politicians — including Bernie — do. You can’t build an anti-Trump resistance solely out of people who have always agreed with you about everything.


A politics founded on refusing to take yes for an answer isn’t a politics at all. It’s a pose from people more interested in congratulating themselves for being too good for politics than accomplishing anything.

  • Whiteness is never identity politics, because white is the default and everything else is the aberration. Everything else is the aberration.
  • People were dogging this article for the delightful euphemism of “cultural anxiety,” but its conclusions are devastating. “Economic anxiety” must die a painful death.
  • Hillary Clinton does not take responsibility for her defeat, and that’s disgusting. Every day I’m also disgusted that Abraham Lincoln never took responsibility for his assassination, and that the Oakland Raiders never took responsibility for the Tuck Rule Game.
  • Democrats hosting town halls where Republicans are too cowardly to face their constituents is a great idea.
  • The Affordable Care Act could use some improvement! Social Security was improved after three years. Medicare was improved after three years. If we had a functional legislative branch and not a treasonous death cult, perhaps we could have gotten improvement to the ACA as well.
  • Pepe the Frog was killed off because he’d become a symbol of hate. Future historians will have fun parsing that one.
  • Bluetooth salt shakers exist. Life is a cruel joke.

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