Days 106, 107 and 108 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

America, the world’s Do Not Enter sign.

  • France got hacked. Did they make the same mistake that we did? They did not.
  • The Kushners are brazenly attempting to profit off the presidency. I’m insulted that they’re not even bothering to hide it.
  • Trump’s transition team did with classified documents what Hillary was accused of doing in her EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS. All projection, all the time.
  • Trumpcare is a stunning betrayal of the public trust, a sign that the Republican Party is willing to murder thousands of Americans to help the very, very rich. We’ll be lucky to survive to 2018.
  • Kellyanne is a turd.
  • Historically black colleges face defunding under Trump. Don’t give him his photo-ops!
  • Slate is pretty great these days, but they have a pointless contrarianism gene that’s hard to exorcise.
  • Have you ever hosted an event on Eventbrite? It works pretty well! But white supremacists use it too, which doesn’t make me feel so good. Tell Eventbrite to stop doing that.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act turned 135 years old over the weekend.
  • If you read about astronomy when you were a kid, you might know that white dwarfs eventually turn into black dwarfs. How long is eventually? Well, it turns out that there are no black dwarfs right now, and there won’t be any for billions and billions of years. I feel robbed.
  • The diplomatic pouch is real and it is pretty awesome.
  • In the annals of impressive acts of thievery, an entire shipwreck is pretty high up there.
  • Did you know the difference between curacao and triple sec? Now you will.

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