Day 104 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

The Jimmy Kimmel monologue is as good as they’re saying it is. Save the ACA. Call your members of Congress!

  • It’s ACA and ACA and ACA today. Medical bankruptcy is another horrible thing that the ACA did a lot to curb. It’s a good law. (h/t DougJ)
  • In of itself, there’s nothing wrong with winning back Trump voters, but the costs both moral and logistical would be huge. What makes more sense is turning Trump voters into non-voters and non-voters into Democratic voters. Here’s how it could be done.
  • The media’s obsession with pinning all the blame on Hillary and its obsession with Trump voters can both be traced back, I think, to a guilty conscience. If Hillary screwed up so catastrophically that she was doomed to lose, and if Trump voters were compelled to vote for him for reasons other than obvious lies and false equivalencies that the media propagated, then maybe the media isn’t culpable for this calamity.
  • Of course, “The Comey Letter Probably Cost Clinton the Election.” The media is culpable.
  • Obvious spy house is obvious. Is it the CID men from Catch-22? No, it’s the FBI!

According to most accounts, the house’s cover was negligible. The curtains were always drawn and no mail was ever delivered to the house, yet people were frequently seen coming and going. Cameras could be clearly spotted in the windows, filming all those who entered the Russian Embassy across the street. One local even reported seeing a long telescopic lens sticking out from a window late at night. In an attempt to up its anonymity, two FBI agents eventually moved into the house, though no one who knew of the house was fooled. The house’s owner was listed as “FBI” in public records, and its inhabitant’s occupation as “Clerk – really a spy.”



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