Days 101, 102 and 103 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • Zombie Trumpcare is back, and Mo Brooks committed a Kinsley gaffe in talking about why denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions is a good thing.
  • For a guide on how to stop Zombie Trumpcare, check out Eclectablog.
  • Another black boy will never laugh or breathe again, because he was shot by someone who was supposed to protect him. Jordan Edwards should not be dead.
  • Will Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III do something about it? Or will he prosecute someone that laughed at him during a Senate hearing? You be the judge.
  • I know that we on the left are congenital handwringers, but the U.S. executive branch is a much greater threat to free speech than some kids in college.
  • Read Fred Clark, early and often:

    It took a while, but by the 1980s, white evangelicals found a strategy to redefine themselves by once again asserting their claim to be the possessors of the moral high ground and the arbiters of right and wrong. They gave up on imagining themselves to be better than everyone else and settled on redefining everyone else as worse than them. Those other people may have been morally right about civil rights and racial discrimination, and women’s equality, and poverty, and Vietnam, and pollution, but none of that mattered because those other people were also baby-killers. Satanic baby-killers.

  • Bill Maher really sucks. He should go away.
  • America’s approach to Chinese food has long been in need of an overhaul. Read Clarissa Wei’s article.
  • Ueli Steck, climber extraordinaire, recently perished on Everest. Rest in peace, Ueli.
  • Boston is a loathsome city town full of loathsome people.
  • Wikipedia article of the day: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

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