Day 96 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

The “Democrats lost everything under Obama” shtick is getting old. The Democrats have much less political capital now in part because they SPENT IT on saving the economy, revolutionizing the healthcare system, reforming the world of finance, ensuring marriage equality and doing many other good things. As long as we can safeguard these gains, we can weather the temporary loss of power.

But Her Emails 2

  • The White House is covering up whatever went on with Michael Flynn. I hope they all go to prison.
  • Sarah Kendzior has been writing a lot about dictators. Read how Ivanka and Jared fit into the whole kleptocracy.

    Adult children of authoritarians are useful in three ways: first, they tend to be trustworthy confidants in regimes rife with paranoia, as corrupt authoritarian states usually are. Second, they are excellent vessels for laundering money, creating enough distance that assets stolen from the state are harder to track. Third, they tend to have a warmer public profile which offsets the brutality of the dictator by distracting the population with pictures of their happy families or glamorous lifestyle.

  • We all know that medieval Europeans used spices to make rotten meat taste better, right? Well, not really. Learn about food myths.

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