Days 90 and 91 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Three months of Trump is three months too many. I must have done something extraordinarily wicked in a past life.

But Her Emails

  • I like having South Korea for an ally. I guess Trump doesn’t, or doesn’t care enough to treat them properly.
  • Why, oh why, do Trump’s talking points always align with Putin’s?
  • In one of the weirder stories, not only is Jason Chaffetz not running for reelection, but he may even resign tomorrow. I hope it’s a properly juicy scandal.
  • I’m honestly insulted that Trump and Sessions aren’t even going to replace the attorneys they purged.
  • By the way, Sessions is still a racist asshole. One could argue that Alabama has less of a right to make decisions than Hawaii.
  • Stephen Colbert hosts the Late Show. Al Franken represents Minnesota in the Senate. Bill O’Reilly is being canned in disgrace. A good start.
  • Overall, I’m pleased with the Democrats’ resistance to Trump. But that outreach chair has got to go.
  • Jon Ossoff is heading to the runoff! Read what Ed Kilgore has to say about that.
  • The reason why Richard Cordray is still able to do a great job running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is pretty interesting.
  • Neil Gorsuch is quite comfortable using stolen property. He’ll get his someday.
  • Trump once destroyed an entire football league. Tom Brady is a cheater. Bill Belichick is evil. No wonder they cover for each other.
  • Creepy niche cruises is one of the great subgenres of longform journalism. Tonight’s edition: the conspiracy theory cruise.
  • At best, the model minority myth is horribly condescending and limiting. It’s far more sinister than that.
  • Steve Bannon certainly cuts a tatterdemalion figure. If you subscribe to Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, you’ll know what “tatterdemalion” means! This is a good universe.
  • Negative mass is now a thing. This is a great universe.
  • Wikipedia has a disambiguation page for “Clown Prince.” This is the greatest universe.

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