Days 85, 86, 87, 88 & 89 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Didj’all have a good Easter weekend?

  • Turkey is in a bad way right now, and Trump is cheering Erdogan on all the way. This is the man he is.
  • He is a man, for instance, that routinely accuses political opponents of committing felonies, with no justification.
  • It looks like Jon Ossoff won’t hit 50% tonight, but he’s got a fighting chance in the runoff.
  • Trump’s new executive order targeting H-1B visas coincidentally leaves out the H-2B visas that he uses to staff Mar-A-Lago. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…
  • Lock them up. Lock them all up. They are robbing us in broad daylight.
  • The FBI’s interference in a presidential election is one of the most consequential events in American electoral history. Remember that.
  • I’m not sure why authoritarianism was the point of comparison, but Trump voters were motivated much more by racism. Also very interesting is how Democratic voters shifted dramatically in the right direction on race issues.
  • The New York Times deserves to go bankrupt. (h/t Scott Lemieux)
  • The New York Times really does deserve to go bankrupt.
  • The alt-right neo-Nazis are looking for an excuse to start shooting, as reported by the always excellent Rick Perlstein. This scares me to death.
  • Vanity Fair does some of that old-fashioned White House gossip. It’s amazing how horrible every member of this accursed administration is.
  • “Calexit” isn’t even a good portmanteau. And now one of its leaders is moving to Russia. ISN’T THAT SOMETHING? (h/t Anne Laurie)
  • Read this entertaining review of a book about failing to write a book (not Tristram Shandy).

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