Day 82 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • Sean Spicer is an ongoing disgrace to Trump, which I like, but he is also a disgrace to America and humanity. He must resign or be fired.
  • The Democrats did not take Mike Pompeo’s old seat in KS-04, but tonight was incredibly encouraging. Jon Ossoff and Rob Quist may give them a fight.
  • Another she-devil seduces a brave, innocent Republican governor, forcing him to resign. Shame on her!
  • The entire Trump clan is rotten. America’s Worst Family.
  • Detroit’s new streetcar is probably not going to save the city. The Detroit Renaissance has been going on since the ’70s.
  • I expect British papers to understand the difference between single-payer and single-provider, but The Grauniad proved me wrong. Embarrassing.
  • “The ungrateful refugee” (h/t Kate Beaton):

    Despite a lifetime spent striving to fulfill my own potential, of trying to prove that the west is better for having known me, I cannot accept this way of thinking, this separation of the worthy exile from the unworthy. Civilized people don’t ask for resumes when answering calls from the edge of a grave. It shouldn’t matter what I did after I cleaned myself off and threw away the last of my asylum-seeking clothes. My accomplishments should belong only to me.

  • I learned about Pauli Murray today. She sounds like she was a remarkable woman. But if you’re someone who truly cares about humanity, being ahead of your time must really suck (h/t Morgan Jenkins).
  • The most popular new Spotify songs for each sport are pretty cool. LOL CrossFit.

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