Days 70 and 71 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

  • Michael Flynn is asking for immunity, which isn’t the same as being granted immunity. Still, it’s something.
  • The Nazi frogs have finally realized that Trump may fuck them over like he does literally everyone. There needs to be a word for negative sympathy.
  • Devin Nunes is the awful Republican du jour, but Jason Chaffetz still sucks.
  • The Deep State spilled my coffee! The Deep State burst my pimple! The Deep State canceled Silent Hills!
  • Jared Kushner has been given everything and earned nothing (h/t Anne Laurie).
  • Ashley Feinberg did some great Internet sleuthing and found James Comey’s Twitter account. E… mails?
  • North Carolina’s terrible bathroom bill was repealed by a bill that’s also awful. But it might be the best that can be done for now.
  • The “only 50 permanent jobs” argument against the Keystone pipeline runs into a problem when we realize that all construction jobs are temporary. I’m fine with a little logical looseness in the service of winning political battle, but we shouldn’t have to be sneaky. The irreversible warming of the earth should be reason enough to not build oil pipelines.
  • Americans do in fact know that Lincoln was a Republican. Some of us even know that he was a Whig!
  • Scientists aren’t going to attend conferences in a country that might detain them for being foreigners. God Bless America.
  • Colleges are quietly doing their part in helping undocumented students. Might have to stay quiet until Cockwork Orange is gone.
  • It turns out that those nifty baby boxes may be as relevant to infant mortality as green packaging is to the taste of Crispy M&M’s.
  • Glenfiddich did something rad with its latest Scotch: inviting 20 brand ambassadors to pick out individual barrels that the malt master then combined into a single malt.
  • The history of museums is utterly fascinating. Witness, for instance, the rise and fall of plaster casts. It was a different time.
  • The American Scholar:

    “Not that I thirst for violence in any way, but I have to wonder: What piece of classical music today could incite a riot? What does it say about the waning influence of this particular art form that even the most avant-garde works of our time would barely raise the blood pressure of the public?”

  • Istanbul is swarming with cats. But in a good way! The documentary Kedi is all about those cats, and it’s awesome.
  • Netflix is making an R-rated animated feature.
  • If you wanted to know the differences between all those movie producers, but were afraid to ask, I have good news for you.
  • One more thing… in Wikipedia’s category on “living people,” one man out of the seven billion people that walk this earth got a sub-category all to himself. You of course know who it is… former Senator Evan Bayh?!?!?! O… K.

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