Days 62 and 63 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Was this really a good idea? At least Willem Dafoe sounds pretty great.

  • Trumpcare is wounded, but I won’t be satisfied until it’s dead. Here’s a guide on how to harangue your representatives about it.
  • And here’s a reminder that it isn’t Obamacare-lite, but the wholesale destruction of America’s largest single-payer health care program.
  • John Dingell had a long and distinguished career in Congress. Here’s him explaining why health care is hard, and just what an accomplishment the ACA (seven years old today!) was.
  • People who make Putin angry tend to die of radiation poisoning or get shot outside their apartment. Or get dropped out of a fourth-story window. Or get murdered in Kiev. I sure hope nobody here is mixed up with his dirty business!
  • Oh, wait.
  • Not only was Neil Gorsuch nominated by Donald Trump, but he wrote a breathtakingly callous opinion regarding a man who disobeyed his employer to shirk his duty of freezing to death. And had an opinion unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court while answering questions before the Senate.
  • Therefore, I am very glad that some of the Democrats plan to filibuster his nomination. Check what your Senator has committed to doing.
  • Rex Tillerson does not appear to be good at his job. Now China gets to tell him what to do.
  • Rest in peace, Timothy Caughman. A victim of America’s white terrorism epidemic. 😦
  • White Twitter trolls have taken to creating fake accounts that impersonate black people. Sick bastards. The reason that they get figured out is pretty nifty, though.
  • I liked Zootopia a lot, but Disney does not get to use it to justify working with Trump.
  • Why the Peters projection? Why, God, why? Anything but that.
  • Please do not stare at the sun. But read that article.
  • ESPN ran an article about the NBA’s addiction to PB&J that’s quite adorable, honestly.
  • It’s a bad time to be a bat. Poor bats.

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