Days 60 and 61 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Look on this video, ye mighty, and despair!

  • Donald J. Trump is the worst person in America. There is nothing mitigating.
  • Florida is the worst state in America, at least until Ohio regains the crown.
  • Vanity Fair ran an article back in February on James Comey and the FBI. It’s worth revisiting. The New York field office seems like a rogue unit.
  • To paraphrase Al Franken: “If you’re poor, it’s your fault. Anything else, it’s Clinton’s.” Still holds true today.
  • Ronald Reagan blamed trees for pollution, but Rep. Scott Perry (WHAT POLITICAL PARTY DO YOU THINK HE IS-PA) has gone above and beyond to blame God Himself. I guess everything’s OK, then.
  • Quick, name a woman scientist! Was it Marie Curie? No disrespect meant to the great Madame Curie, but science is full of many other accomplished women. Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya is working to tell their stories.
  • You know that magnificent infographic on Napoleon’s invasion of Russia that Edward Tufte gushes over? Learn about its history.
  • An F. Scott Fitzgerald story from 1920 has finally been published for the first time. It’s pretty funny.
  • Statistical analysis of famous authors can yield interesting results if done right. It turns out your teacher was right — adverbs are awful.
  • If you want evidence that humanity has outstayed its time on earth, “marriage proposal planner” is a good place to start.

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