Day 55 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Yesterday’s news, today!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1329 trump protects americans
Source: Boing Boing
  • One of the best things I’ve read lately is Rick Perlstein’s thoughtful essay on smartness. It’s hard to quote, so you should just read it all. And everything he writes. (h/t Your Moments of Zen)
  • I appreciate the adequate job the media has done in explaining how awful Trumpcare is. Would that they could have done so when the public had a chance to make an informed decision about it.
  • On Trumpcare:

    Health care politics resonate like nothing else. They cut across President Trump’s coalition like a scythe. If you’re looking for the political battle that will damage President Trump and his party it is Obamacare repeal. Of course, there are few issues before the political nation today that will more affect the lives of people across the country, especially the most vulnerable, the least politically powerful. So there’s no trade-off between “politics” and things that [affect] people’s lives.

  • In yet another example of ALL PROJECTION ALL THE TIME Trump had UAW members bused in for his Michigan speech.
  • For a dangerous criminal that needed killin’, Michael Brown sure had a lot of lies told about him to justify his murder. Rest in peace. 😦
  • I’m skeptical that West Virginia votes 3-to-1 for Republicans because they’re all closet socialists. So from a basic resource allocation perspective, primarying Joe Manchin seems like a waste of time. And yes, he is better than any Republican that would replace him. Going after Feinstein, Carper, or (I’m sad to say) Kaine and Stabenow may make more sense.
  • Unanimity may itself be evidence of error. I think. My appreciation of Bayesian thinking exceeds my understanding. (h/t Jess Brooks at FAQ)
  • If nothing else, America can serve as a terrible example for others. Good work, Netherlands.
  • Religious tests are unconstitutional. Nice try, Trump.
  • Ahahahaha.

    25. Is there a Pulitzer Prize logo?

    No, there is no logo for The Pulitzer Prize.

    26. Where can I find information on the Nobel Prizes?

    The Nobel Prizes are in no way affiliated with The Pulitzer Prizes. Please check the Nobel Prize website for information.


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