Day 53 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Stella is here.

  • Once more with feeling: THE ACA WAS NOT A REPUBLICAN PLAN!
  • For starters, the ACA was not designed to murder millions of Americans, like Paul Ryan’s AHCA. Paul Ryan will kill you to give more money to billionaires.
  • The cracks in the healthcare system and the flaws in the ACA itself show why health insurance really shouldn’t be a for-profit industry. Healthcare should be a public good. But the Republicans do not seem to understand how insurance works.
  • The Kushners are getting an amazingly sweet deal from a Chinese firm for their building at (I am telling the truth) 666 Fifth Avenue. I WONDER WHY THAT IS.
  • Petty and vindictive. Good traits to have in the most powerful man that’s ever lived.
  • Sean Spicer is a racist and a coward. He treats Americans as intruders in their own country because of the color of their skin.
  • The media should not be laughing when Sean Spicer lies brazenly. Especially when the joke isn’t even funny.
  • Congratulations to the Washington Post!
  • Keith Ellison offered some constructive criticism for the looking-for-excuses-to-quit component of the left. It’s nice to have him on our side.
  • The DeVoses have sucked for a long, long time and did a lot of work to ruin Michigan before they decided to ruin education. Read this illustrated essay for more details.
  • For Women’s History Month, learn about four remarkable Asian-American women whom you probably did not study in school.
  • Only Texas could turn an anti-littering slogan into an obnoxious and arrogant motto.
  • “Xenophobia” is a very young word indeed. Its predecessor was “misoxenie,” which sounds pretty cool in its own right.
  • Samuel L. Jackson had some controversial thoughts on black British actors being cast in American films. I blame Britain.
  • Finally, tonight’s Wikipedia article is not funny. It concerns a serious issue that is killing America: “Comprised of.”

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