Days 46 and 47 of 1,461 (or 2,922)


  • This year marks the 52nd anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery marches. There are few ways of commemorating them less appropriate than pushing voter ID laws at the Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, but Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill was up to the task.
  • Barack Obama is too decent to sue Trump for libel, but I wish he would.
  • Barack Obama was also too decent to prostitute the presidency for a private club that he owned. No such luck anymore.
  • Trump’s new travel ban is still discriminatory and illegal.
  • A truly abhorrent scandal in the Marines is developing. It’s very sad.
  • Tom Perez seems to be liked by everyone he works with, including Keith Ellison, who collaborated with him long before the DNC race. I like Tom Perez. (h/t Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns & Money)

    “The Administration, and specifically Secretary Perez, worked closely with and listened closely with Mr. Ellison and the Progressive Caucus as we moved forward on initiatives [to help] federal contract workers and hold federal contractors accountable,” former Assistant Secretary of Labor for Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs Adri Jayaratne told Payday. “Tom always made sure that everyone’s voices were heard on every issue whether or not they were in agreement. He felt that was a responsibility he had to have.”

    Many in labor are hoping that the Perez-Ellison relationship at the DNC will follow a similar pattern.

    “The Perez-Ellison combination could be a dynamic duo. The truth is that those two worked together to get the most progressive federal labor policy done in decades,” says Geevarghese. “It was Ellison, who stood on the picket lines to call attention to the need to raise standards for contract workers, while it was Secretary Perez on the inside who listened to the workers, who met with these workers, listened to these workers, and helped craft those executive orders.”

  • Lots and lots of ACA stuff today. First off, under the Republican plan insurance company CEOs will finally get the massive tax breaks they deserve. Oh joy.
  • Paul Ryan is fine with destroying the individual market and murdering you so that rich people can get tax cuts.
  • Jason Chaffetz is also fine with murdering you. Shouldn’t have bought that iPhone, moocher!
  • Medicaid is one of the best things our country has done, and the Medicaid expansion was the best part of the ACA. So the Republicans must destroy it.
  • It’s a veritable golden shower of Russia information leaking out. This time we learned that the Trump campaign approved of Carter Page’s trips to Moscow last July.
  • Nobody genuinely likes Uber. That will be their deserved downfall.

    If Uber stalls, it isn’t going to be saved by a loyal consumer fan base. There is no stickiness to Uber. It has no frequent-rider program. It has no social component. It prevents users from forming bonds with drivers. No one gets a heightened sense of self by identifying as an Uber rider versus some competitor. We’ll stick with Uber as long as it continues to get us where we want to go at a price we like. Someone else comes along with a better service or lower price, we’ll use it.

  • I’m pretty darned upset that speculative fiction about Trump not becoming president has to be a thing. But this story was worth reading.
  • I’ve said a few times that there’s no such thing as color, and one day I’ll elaborate. But this article proves my point.
  • During World War II, when the Germans conquered Denmark, chemist Georgy de Hevesy, himself a future Nobel laureate, dissolved two Nobel medals in acid to prevent them from being confiscated and their owners executed. What happened to the medals in the end? Read the story!
  • And finally, a magnificent Wikipedia article on “concert etiquette.” The photo caption is exemplary.

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