Day 43 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

As bad as things can be, America has had worse, somehow.

  • The Senate Intelligence Committee is calling on Christopher Steele, who has not died mysteriously of polonium poisoning, to testify on the dossier he compiled (the peeing prostitutes one). I feel like this particular die has been cast.
  • Mike Pence… and emails? Emails? Emails.
  • Michigan really helped itself by electing Donald Trump. Who needs clean lakes, anyway?
  • A Michigan lawmaker thinks that people are using food stamps to buy vast quantities of pop and dump them to earn the… 10 cent bottle refund. I should get in on this if it’s so lucrative.
  • Charles Pierce knows what’s up:

They all had the same choices we did. They all had the same opportunity to inform themselves; I mean, it wasn’t like the campaign was under-covered, and it wasn’t like the eventual winner hasn’t governed precisely the way he campaigned.

Feeling lost and desperate is a terrible thing. But if, out of loss and desperation, you drink 20 cold beers out of the old preparation room and smash your car into a daycare center, the judge is not going to care how lost and desperate you felt. You build your own prisons in this life. You design your own sentences.

  • By far, the most damning indictment against Neil Gorsuch is that he’s willing to be appointed by Donald Trump. No quarter, no prisoners.
  • What did the president know, and when did he know it? Enough to contradict himself, that’s for sure.
  • There’s a good article in Vanity Fair on the segment of the “left” that’s more interested in destroying the Democratic party than fighting Trump. These articles are my junk food.
  • The debacle at the Oscars could have been avoided with good typography practice.
  • Once upon a time, Slate ran a weird article about quicksand which included passages on the quicksand fetish community, amongst other things. It’s a good article.
  • The Nintendo Switch is an unforced failure. For shame, Nintendo.
  • Wikipedia article of the day: “James Madison.” Try to find the direct quotation from Hamilton!

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