Day 40 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Nothing is more frustrating than the media’s desperate need to normalize Trump.

  • The main event: Trump’s creating a program to attack immigrants as criminals. “How genocides begin.”
  • Trump finally talked about Olathe today, after this editorial had been published. I don’t feel safe with this man in charge. If some lunatic shot me on the street for being an immigrant, I don’t think Trump would care or say anything meaningful.
  • Meanwhile, Trump is deliberately sabotaging the federal government through inaction. I want to be ambassador to Australia, dammit.
  • I wouldn’t hang out with this self-aggrandizing asshole if you gave me a solid gold Ferrari.
  • The fight against Trump moves to the Georgia theater. If Jon Ossoff can win the special election to replace Tom Price, that would be a titanic development.
  • America’s highway system is pretty great. The highway system’s creation being made possible by bulldozing black neighborhoods was not. Black Bottom in Detroit was one such neighborhood.
  • The Minnesota Vikings stadium has lots and lots of transparent glass, which birds fly into, thus killing them. The Vikings know about this but refuse to do anything. Abolish the Vikings.
  • Google’s doodle today honored Abdul Sattar Edhi, a Pakistani humanitarian. He seems like he was a good dude.
  • This blog is proof that I read a lot of articles, but I’d like to read more books than I do. Lifehacker published some tips for getting yourself to do just that.

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