Day 28 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Their foot shall slide in due time.

Provided by Al Giordano and the School of Authentic Journalism
  • GamerGate and the Trump administration are certainly appropriate bedfellows. This article goes into detail on how the hell that happened.
  • I’ve never trusted Bill Maher, because he’s an asshole and a bully. Plus he really, really hates Muslims. So him booking Milo isn’t much of a surprise, sadly.
  • By the time I dropped my daughter off at preschool, I was feeling slightly prepared to face the day and years ahead. As I walked into the school, I caught the eye of my daughter’s teacher and shook my head. She looked away, looking choked up, and asked Zoe—the girl so sure she will be president—for a hug. Tears stung my eyes.”
  • Arizona’s executioners are implementing a BYOLI policy.
  • The Democratic party has gone to the left and is going to the left, no matter who wins the DNC race. That’s a good thing.
  • The damage will take generations to repair. Who could possibly trust us anymore?
  • The party of life can’t abide people having health insurance.
  • An awful, awful precedent is being set regardless of who wins the battle between Trump and the intelligence community, and yet one side has at least shown some restraint. We have to pick one.
  • The Endangered Species Act is another target of the Republicans, though if they’re having so much trouble dumping the ACA, perhaps there’s a chance for the animals as well.
  • Super-earths are not habitable by humans, because they are either gas giants or so close to their stars that all the gas has boiled off. Now you know!
  • Another Onion classic: “Unconventional Director Sets Shakespeare Play In Time, Place Shakespeare Intended.”

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