Days 20 and 21 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Hanging in there?

  • Roger Goodell coming out in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl to announce that Matt Ryan was a cheating cheater was pretty wild. So I see why people are comparing the Falcons to Hillary Clinton.
  • Jeff Sessions is going to be a sickeningly bad Attorney General, and Joe Manchin should be ashamed of himself.
  • Trump publicizing certain crimes because of the ethnicity of the perpetrators (unless they’re white)? It’s been done.
  • Restricted Data is a great blog about the dawn of the nuclear age. The author recently reflected on the NUKEMAP tool he created five years ago. You might have used it, it’s the one that lets you nuke your hometown and see what the damage would be.
  • The moon’s shadow cast on the earth isn’t a circle. It isn’t even an ellipse. I’m disappointed.
  • A while back Christine Hyung-Oak Lee wrote a devastating article about the stroke she suffered at age 33. Now she’s written a book.
  • The House Republicans slouch slowly toward Holocaust denial. Checks and balances!
  • I first encountered those sidewalk bumps in Beijing, and my mom let me know that they were to help the blind and vision-impaired. The link has a nice explanation and a cool video on them. Now you know!
  • Refugees are leaving the U.S. for the friendlier confines of Canada. I find that embarrassing. I want to live in a country that people WANT to immigrate to.
  • Trump’s Muslim ban was unsurprisingly struck down by the appeals court. Justice still breathes in America.

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