Days 14 and 15 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

Two weeks in! Remember, though, Hillary would have been worse.

  • Standing Rock is being taken.
  • Haven’t we all founded “Fascism Forever” clubs in high school? For shame, scandalmongers.
  • Guess who said it! Joseph Goebbels… or Sean Spicer? This is real life!
  • Australia’s refugee policy is inhumane and vicious. So my gob is smacked that Trump managed to make them look good.
  • Your phone calls, your letters, your faxes and your rallies ARE making a difference. Keep it up.
  • Donald Trump sent his troops into unnecessary danger, after talking it over with a white supremacist and his son-in-law. Ben… Ghazi?
  • The filibuster is dead like Rickon Stark. If the Republicans are going to kill it regardless of when the Democrats use it, why save it for a rainy day? It’s a bad thing to have, anyway.
  • The Democrats are going to be organizing in 20 House districts. Good.
  • An essay asking why fictional fascist regimes are always race-blind when the reality is anything but.
  • Chen Jiansheng is dead for the unforgivable crime of playing Pokémon Go. No arrests have been made.
  • The White House went out of its way to block a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement from the State department that bothered to remember that Jews were killed.
  • Betsy DeVos lies flagrantly and contemptuously.
  • If Pizzagate became a thing, the Bowling Green massacre absolutely will as well.
  • An incredibly stupid article about rooting for the Patriots when they support Trump.
  • But I was told that Hillary was the candidate of Goldman Sachs! What’s this about Trump moving against Dodd-Frank?
  • In some cool and good news, a language museum is going to be in D.C. someday.
  • An article on old-school gaming screenshots, i.e. literal photographs of screens.
  • All you ever needed to know about coffee cup sleeves, and more!



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