Day 13 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

After less than two weeks of Trump, I think we’ve solved the Fermi paradox.

  • The flag of Nebraska is so atrocious that you can hang it upside-down and nobody will notice. New Mexico’s flag is the best among the states, by far.
  • Considering that Trump is already a candidate to run for reelection, shouldn’t we let the people decide before we confirm any Supreme Court justice of his? (h/t Betty Cracker at Balloon Juice)
  • Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a man deemed too racist to be a judge during the Reagan administration, will be in charge of protecting voting rights. It was a tragic day today.
  • The Republicans, having much respect for precedent, will surely govern more reasonably if the Democrats do not filibuster Neil Gorsuch.
  • If you think it’s extreme to block a Supreme Court nomination for four years, don’t worry, the Republicans are fine with it.
  • Tom Perez will probably be the next DNC chair. He’s a good choice, though Keith Ellison is as well.
  • Framing arguments well is nice, but this search for a logic bomb that will win conservatives to our side seems like a fool’s errand to me.
  • I’m sure that Hillary would be threatening to invade Mexico less than two weeks into her administration. They’re just two sides of the same coin, after all.
  • The only Twitter account you’ll ever need to follow.

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