Days 10 and 11 of 1,461 (or 2,922)

I really need to get these posts out on time, but there is always more and it is always worse. Anyway, anyone remember this commercial? Good commercial.

  • For you non-Michiganders out there, the State of Michigan under unqualified businessman Rick Snyder implemented a new fraud detection system for people collecting unemployment. Turns out the system had a 93% error rate and led to over 1,000 people getting falsely accused of fraud and forced into bankruptcy. Republican governance at work.
  • Uber is a craven, untrustworthy company whose entire business model is essentially anti-regulations blitzkrieg — by the time governments can respond to all their rule-breaking, Uber has already embedded itself in the market. So it’s of little surprise that they took the money and ran. As many have noted, Uber is not unionized.
  • With Steve Bannon in the White House, the chaos caused by Trump’s illegal executive order may have been entirely deliberate. This is a dangerous man.
  • Steve Bannon also personally made sure that green card holders would be included in the ban. As I said on Facebook:

    Right-wingers have always tried to divide the immigrant community by going on about “the right way” so that documented immigrants resent undocumented immigrants. But it was never about that. At all.

  • Someone made a great list of each Senator’s position on Trump’s illegal executive order. There are a lot more Republicans doing the right thing than the last time I checked, and just one Democrat (Manchin, of course) doing the wrong. Keep up the pressure.
  • Happy Birthday to Fred Korematsu. Good thing the government would never do something like that again!
  • Vice has an article on Trump’s analytics team from the election, which appears to be stunningly competent. They use microtargeting based on Facebook likes rather than demographic information, so theoretically it’s the better approach. Don’t underestimate them.
  • “They shall not pass.”
  • A Muslim refugee shot up a Christian church, nope a right-wing white man shot up a mosque. Ban male immigration.
  • Chuck Schumer might be learning, I hope.
  • Sanctuary cities are a good thing. When people living in America are worried to contact the police, society suffers.
  • Sally Yates did the right thing and was punished for it. She won’t be the last.

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