Adjectives that end in “ly” rock

I love them! It’s like they’re infiltrating the wicked world of adverbs before going, “Surprise! I was a noun modifier all along!” Then stabbing “apparently” in the throat and fleeing to Switzerland. Plus, you can always turn them into adverbs if you really want to:

“I wish I could be that gnarly,” lamented Tony Hawk as Bob Burnquist ollied gnarlily.

“You’ll never get away with this, Lex,” croaked Superman as he succumbed to the Kryptonite, cursing himself for being defeated so dastardlily.

“There’s too much sun. I wish I were still a bulb,” whinged the cowardly lily as it cowered cowardlily.

My incomplete list of these wonderful words:

  • boyly (Nope, doesn’t exist. Get on it, Merriam-Webster.)
  • bubbly
  • bully (for Brits)
  • comely
  • cowardly
  • cuddly
  • curly
  • dastardly
  • early
  • elderly
  • friendly
  • girly
  • gnarly
  • heavenly
  • holy
  • jolly
  • likely
  • lively
  • lonely
  • lovely
  • manly
  • saintly
  • sickly (sort of)
  • silly
  • snuggly
  • sprightly
  • surly
  • ugly
  • womanly

Have you got any to add?


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