Days Eight and Nine of 1,461 (or 2,922)

As unprepared as Trump and Company were to actually run the federal government, they were very prepared to destroy the country. Christ this got bad fast.

  • If you dislike completing your tax returns, remember that Republicans, lobbied by TurboTax and Grover Norquist, have blocked legislation that would allow the IRS to just calculate your taxes for you and send you your refund (after all, how would they ever catch tax cheats if they didn’t know what people owed/were owed?).
  • Trump pulled outreach for the ACA that had already been paid for, because he is a magnanimous man of integrity. (UPDATE: Then he backed down on this! Protest, somehow, still works.)
  • Trump, a man utterly at ease with his place in the world, put a gag order on the National Park Service because they wouldn’t lie to him about the crowd size at his inauguration. I feel safe with a man like that in the White House!
  • BuzzFeed, which might be the only media outlet that didn’t do something disgraceful during the election, is maintaining a list of Trump’s lies. They might need to buy a server (a private server?) just for that list alone.
  • A study in Science found that we start destroying girls’ self-esteems early. Real early.
  • Russia is decriminalizing domestic violence. One beating a year will be allowed.
  • Number of Representatives and Senators from Texas that want Trump’s wall: Zero.
  • The People’s Liberation Army is expecting a war with us during Trump’s presidency. I feel so safe.
  • Yet more evidence that Christians are the most persecuted group in America.
  • The ACLU did a great thing in getting a judge to halt part of Trump’s monstrous, inhumane executive order targeting Muslims. They’re a group I would support with money. The fight continues.
  • The National Security Council is a group that definitely should be politicized. Change we can believe.

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