Day Four of 1,461 (or 2,922)

What the Women’s Marches will accomplish is still up in the air. And there were already problems with them that can’t go ignored. But Saturday was the first day since November 8 when I felt good about the future of our country, if only for a moment. My mood had approximated the emotions I felt after Dumbledore’s death in Half-Blood Prince, the closing chapters of Catch-22 or all of Lord of the Flies. Now there’s a glimmer of something.

How were y’all’s days?

  • Marco Rubio is a sniveling, worthless coward. Until proven otherwise I will expect nothing good from Republican officeholders.
  • RIP TPP. RIP NAFTA? I never really opposed the TPP, mostly because of my respect for President Obama. There didn’t appear to be too much else going for it. And now that it’s dead we’re hearing all about the trade deals that signatories will now be making with China. Was the TPP the best we could do, given the circumstances? I’m trying to find some answers.
  • Hillary having departed for upstate New York with her PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER, the media finds itself forced to do its job. This time on Trump’s lies regarding auto manufacturing.
  • Block grants may sound lovely, but they’re just packaging for big funding cuts to Medicaid. Focus on the money.
  • Trump is a pathetic propagandist. Don’t believe his lies.
  • Welp.
  • At least one good thing will be happening this year:



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